BUG 404
BUG404 is a digital platform for interactive narratives: webdoc, interactive and multiplatform documentary, hypervideo, virtual reality and 360 video. It is a network of research, production, and dissemination that aims to contribute to the expansion of the field of interactive and immersive video in Brazil through the following actions:
• Research and dissemination of interactive narratives in the world and in Brazil;
• Lectures, courses, workshops, exhibitions, and events;
• Consolidation of a Brazilian network on the internet and in events;
• Supporting the implementation of partner projects;
• Realization of strategic projects such as Black Box and Bug Brazil.
The term "Bug" has a double meaning. It indicates an insect and also a programming error, an unexpected event that disrupts a program, quite common in the emerging digital media.
Bug 404 develops research, promotes courses, workshops, and interactive videos and also contributes to the mapping and dissemination of interactive productions in Brazil and worldwide investing on the development of new languages and narrative formats.