Effectuation in Rio
The conference "Effectuation in Rio" (1st semester  in Rio de Janeiro) proposes a meeting between Saras Sarasvathy ́s Effectuation Theory and entrepreneurs and artists from favelas and peripheries of Rio de Janeiro. Saras Sarasvathy is Paul M. Hammaker Professor in Business Administration at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia (USA), and one of the leading thinkers in Entrepreneurship in the world. Effectuation in Rio is an international event dedicated entirely to Effectuation Theory. This will be an opportunity to expand the scope of Effectuation Theory to a new subject matter: entrepreneurs from favelas and peripheries. Mainstream entrepreneurship theories prioritize new venture creation under a Causation paradigm, which is planning for execution. Effectuation is the opposite: its emphasis is Discovery-Driven Planning. The principal purpose of the event is to provoke reflection and discussion about the relevance of the Effectuation theory to business and situations of high uncertainty and even insecurity, such as entrepreneurship in favelas and artistic-cultural endeavors located outside the axis of the great cultural industry, such as the self-management of artistic-cultural production by its own agents. Effectuation in Rio’s organizer is Professor Roberto Bartholo, Head of the Laboratory Technologies, Dialogues and Sites – LTDS of Coppe/UFRJ.